Category: Commodities

Natixis in the Financial Times

Subsequent to an October relationship-building meeting – set up by Moorgate – between Natixis and three members of the FT commodities team, Natixis oil markets analyst Abhishek Deshpande was quoted in an October 23rd article on oil prices – discussing Chinese and Korean demand for crude oil, and the future of Scotland’s Grangemouth refinery. To …

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Natixis discusses trends affecting demand for diesel, in Petroleum Economist

In a guest commentary for Petroleum Economist, Natixis’ oil markets analyst Dr Abhishek Deshpande explores the key trends that will affect supply and demand for diesel products over the coming decade, and evaluates their impact on pricing. In addition to his observations, he argues that – as the US witnesses a shift in the use …

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Precious metals analyst at Natixis talks gold prices for Futures

To determine how far gold prices should fall to bring supply and demand into equilibrium, Bernard Dahdah, precious metals analyst at Natixis, examines the key trends affecting the gold market. The article, published on Futures’ website, looks beyond the short-term reactions of the market, such as the Syria-led rally in oil prices, to focus on …

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