Falcon Fine Art’s Tim Hunter speaks to Luxe Magazine on pricing fine art

Speaking to Swiss Luxury publication, Luxe Magazine, Falcon Fine Art’s Vice President Tim Hunter elaborates how preference for art has influenced the price of works over the years.

Although one piece may sell for an extraordinary amount, it doesn’t mean that all of the artist’s works will become valuable, he explained. Each piece is valuated based upon the technique of the work, the artist’s overall portfolio, as well as the period of the artist’s life that the piece was produced.

Preference for style has also influenced pricing, he goes on to explain. “Art perception is something subjective. Thirty years ago, people were crazy about old masters, they were almost the blue chip art. After that, the wind went to Pop Art, to Minimal Art, and today many are focusing on contemporary objects.”

The full article can be read on page 36 of the magazine here.

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