ICC United Kingdom’s Chris Southworth tells LBC Radio that countries are better off together when it comes to trade

Last Friday, the Trump administration’s 20 percent steel and 10 percent aluminium tariffs came into effect for the EU, Canada and Mexico.

Talking to leading UK talk show LBC radio’s Shelagh Fogarty, ICC United Kingdom Secretary General Chris Southworth explains that – following several protectionist measures initiated from the UK’s closet ally – the UK must begin to realise how important trade is post-Brexit.

The recent tariffs – which have the potential to start an international trade war – will ultimately affect thousands of jobs and increase the price of a number of everyday items in both the US and the UK. All this leads Southworth to a single, compelling conclusion: when it comes to trade, countries are stronger and more successful when they work together.

More from the conversation can be found on LBC.

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