S&P Global Ratings’ 2018 green bond outlook covered by the specialist press

S&P Global Ratings expects strengthening green bond market fundamentals to fuel about a 30% increase in self-labeled instruments globally in 2018, pushing issuance to around $200 billion for the year (2018).

This news, published in a report entitled Green Bonds Issuance Is Expected to Shoot Up Further was covered by the following in the specialist press: Edie.net, Euractiv, Better Society, Daily Sun, Business Green (1) (2) (3), AlphaQ, FTSE Global Markets, The Star, The Business Times, MSN Money, PDF Network, IIEFA, Institutional Asset Manager, Time of News, The Strait Times, Climate Action (UN), GNews, Business Net, 4Traders, and Green Biz.

Image Credit: CC Search user: Hennasabel (License).

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