What does a successful payables finance programme look and feel like? Deutsche Bank’s Anil Walia offers his views in the World Supply Chain Finance Report 2018

The ‘success’ of a buyer-led supply chain finance (SCF) programme is often measured by the efficiency and speed of the on-boarding process. A well-executed programme will: clearly communicate the working capital benefits to the suppliers; enrol them quickly and in number; and put little burden on suppliers to ensure the outcome is positive for all.

However, writing in BCR’s World Supply Chain Finance Report 2018, Deutsche Bank’s Head of Financial Supply Chain, EMEA, argues the efficacy of supplier on-boarding should not be the only barometer of success.

“In today’s ever-more complex SCF market, a more holistic, long-term approach to measuring success is also required”, states Walia. “Both SCF providers, and corporate buyers, need to ensure they balance efficiency and nimbleness with programme safety, soundness and sustainability”.

To read more, please click here, p.24-26.

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