“Paris Agreement climate pledges: Where will the money come from?” S&P Global Ratings’ report covered by the specialist press  


The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, so far ratified by 168 countries, formalises nations’ efforts to combat climate change. These targets, however, come with a significant price tag: the total implementation cost for countries that have submitted specific financial figures to meet their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) stands at about US$5.3 trillion.

S&P Global Ratings’ latest report Paris Agreement Climate Pledges: Where Will the Money Come From? concludes that sovereign green issuances may not be enough – and that countries may need to mobilise private sector funds to bridge this gap.

Following distribution by Moorgate, the report was covered by The Financial Times, Private Wealth, Daily Caller, Business Standard, and Responsible Investor.

Image credit Creative commons user: Tom Shockey. (License).

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