ICC United Kingdom’s Chris Southworth discusses post-Brexit trade on BBC Radio 4 Farming Today

As part of the station’s trade week, BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today spoke to ICC United Kingdom’s Chris Southworth on the possibilities surrounding the UK’s trade environment post-Brexit, and how it might affect the UK’s food and farming sector. Among other issues, Chris explained the importance of UK farming for the rest of the world, the implications of coming out of the Common Agricultural Policy and the effects this might have on farm subsidies.

“There are clearly opportunities for the UK farming sector post-Brexit – the idea of the UK operating independently as a G-5 country outside of Europe has all types of potentially exciting policy implications. The UK can act as a bridge between the G-7 countries, the G-20 and the rest of the emerging markets,” Chris explained. “In general, everyone wants to trade with the UK – there’s nothing new about that. The UK brand is extraordinary actually.”

The full interview can be heard here.  

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