Latin American airports are flying high, says S&P’s Candela Macchi in InfraLatinAmerica


Between 2006 and 2016, air traffic surged across Latin American nations; the average growth rate was triple the region’s GDP growth. This caused several airports in the region to reach maximum levels of capacity sooner than originally projected – and intensified calls for airport extension and upgrades.

In an article for InfraLatinAmerica, S&P Global Ratings director, Candela Macchi, argues that Latin American airports are still performing above expectations. She says: “Even in countries where we expect GDP growth to vary between 2% and 3% in the coming years, projects may initially see slightly lower air traffic performances than in the past five or ten years due to their restrained capacity. But, in the mid-to-long term, we expect their performances to improve, though their elasticity to growth (relative to GDP growth) may not be quite as high.”

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Image credit: CC search user: aotaro (License)

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