“No one tells you that trade finance can be really fun”: Falcon’s Emma Clark featured in GTR’s Women in Trade Finance

In the most recent edition of GTR’s series about inspirational women in trade finance, Sanne Wass talks to Emma Clark, Falcon’s head of business development, about her career and how the industry can best tackle its gender bias.

Clark says the key to gender equality starts with investment in young talent, and she has no doubt this is where institutions have the biggest opportunities to up their game. More apprenticeship programmes and better qualifications around trade finance as a specialism are just some of the steps the industry could take to attract more women.

“No one tells you at school that trade finance can be really fun,” she says. “I’m a big fan of recruiting young people and training them up, and trying to make people excited about trade finance. But that’s a lot of time and investment. And I’m not sure how many companies out there are prepared to take people on and train them up. Trade finance is quite a fluid market; it’s easier just to get someone else from a different company and pull your relationships across.”

The full article can be read here.

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