In Alt Energy Mag, S&P Global Ratings’ Abhishek Dangra summarises the recent Credit FAQ on renewables in India

India’s power industry is being distributed. Between US$90 billion and US$150 billion are being invested into the country’s renewables sector in a bid to triple the country’s renewable energy capacity by 2022.

Abhishek-Dangra S&PFollowing the publication of S&P Global Rating’s Credit FAQ “Renewables in India- Is there “Red” in this Green Story?”, Abhishek Dangra, Director of Infrastructure Ratings, Lead Analyst for South and South East Asia, S&P Global Ratings, talks to Alt Energy Mag about the factors affecting profitability and performance in this emerging sector and the types of associated risks. Dangra also looks towards the future of the renewables market in India, by considering the three main drivers fuelling growth: price parity with traditional energy sources, a greener footprint, and a government push towards cleaner energy.

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