Mexico City Airport Trust’s score of E1/77 under S&P Global Ratings’ Green Evaluation covered by the specialist press

The tranches of senior secured bonds Mexico City Airport Trust intends to issue through to 2020 received S&P Global Ratings’ Green Evaluation score of E1/77. E1 is the highest score on the scale (E4 is the lowest).

S&P Global Ratings expects the debt to gradually increase, reaching up to US$6 billion over the next two to three years, with at least three tranches issued through 2020. This analysis addresses the entire amount of the financing to be raised by the trust within the construction phase.

All proceeds from the bonds’ issuance will fund part of the construction of New International Mexico City Airport (Nuevo Aeropuerto de la Ciudad de Mexico (NAICM)). The ultimate goal of the project’s environmental sustainability initiative is to become the first airport terminal in the world to obtain an “LEED platinum” certification and be one of the few in the industry with a carbon-neutral footprint.

Following outreach from Moorgate, the news was covered by BNAmericas, PVMagazine and Environmental Finance.

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