Natixis’ Marc Vincent and François Riahi speak to The Banker on their dual-control approach to business expansion

In an interview for The Banker, Natixis’ Global Co-Head of CIB, Marc Vincent and François Riahi, discuss how they created and implemented a new strategy for the bank’s operations – resulting in expanding operations and increasing revenues.

One of the biggest changes made by Mr Riahi and Mr Vincent has been to expand the bank’s originate-to-distribute (OtD) platform – which is now a key element for the bank’s business model. “This allows us to overcome the size of our balance sheet and originate at a level that wouldn’t otherwise be possible,” explained Riahi. The bank has also been working to expand its mergers and acquisitions (M&A) business, which has come from nearly absent in 2012 to generating €100m in revenues in 2016.

Like its expanding in M&A, Natixis’s CIB is also expanding its footprint in Asia-Pacific – which has grown from 5% to 11%. In turn, the co-chief pair seem to be on a clear path to success, with last year’s net CIB revenues up 11% and return-on-equity up by 260 basis points.

The full article can be read here.

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