S&P Global Ratings assesses the outlook for American generators post-withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord

Earlier this month, President Trump announced his intention to withdraw the United States from the 2015 UN Paris Agreement on climate change. Signalling a hiatus for the country’s decarbonisation efforts, the move reverberated not only across America but through the world.

In light of the unprecedented withdrawal, S&P Global Ratings has published its report, “Withdrawal Symptoms: What Trump’s Paris Agreement Decision Could Mean for American Generators”, outlining the repercussions for the American power grid.

Notably, S&P believes the withdrawal – largely motivated by President Trump’s plans to revive U.S. coal – may not boost the unregulated coal industry’s performance as hoped.

Meanwhile, the impacts on both the U.S. nuclear and natural gas industries are ambiguous. Although the Paris accord represented a boon for nuclear, S&P expects support for the industry to continue given its advantages of fuel security and grid stability.

Following Moorgate’s outreach, the report was covered by specialist news outlets, including Infrastructure Investor, Solar Reviews, Hydroworld and Penn Energy.

Image Credit: CC user: gckwolfe. (License)

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