ICC UK General Secretary Chris Southworth talks post-election outlook in new podcast

Chris Southworth, ICC UK General Secretary, speaks to Moorgate about today’s UK General Election, and how Theresa May’s gamble has failed. In the face of hung parliament, Chris discusses how this will impact UK businesses – and of course what this will mean for Brexit. Indeed, despite the political upheaval that has gone on over the past 24 hours in the UK, the issue around Brexit remains.

Indeed, the challenge of businesses right now include treatment of finance, customs – as in movement around goods – and regulation – in terms of services that UK economies provide. Southworth elaborates that although UK businesses have experienced 12 months of uncertainty, they now have the opportunity to work closer with government as policymakers discuss the future of UK customs, finance, long-term regulation on services. Southworth continues that now is a critical time for businesses to join the Brexit discussion.

To find out more, download the link and have a listen.

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