Writing in IFR, Natixis’ Emmanuel Issanchou discusses the increasing trend for European investment in the Dutch mortgage market


Historically, the major Dutch banks have had a monopoly over their domestic mortgage market. The financial crisis, however, has changed that. Nearly a decade on, banks are still cautious lenders – constrained by unprecedented regulatory pressures. As such, non-bank mortgage lending is on the rise in the Dutch Market. And, as institutions across the Continent have intensified their search for yield in the current environment, this new asset class looks set to be a significant feature of the European real estate investment landscape in 2017.

In IFR, Emmanuel Issanchou, Global Head of Structured Credit & Solutions at Natixis, discusses the opportunities for European investors in the Netherlands mortgage market, and the platforms and partnerships helping them to reap a long-term yield within it. Issanchou considers this a “win-win situation”: as demand for housing in the Netherlands continues to grow in an environment where bank lending is shrinking, European investors can help to fill the funding gap.

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