“Reimagining ASEAN” – Deutsche Bank launches series of reports examining ASEAN progress towards realising the 2025 Economic Community Vision

In the year of ASEAN’s 50th anniversary, there is certainly much to celebrate. From small beginnings in 1967, ASEAN – comprising 10 countries and a combined population of 630 million – has evolved into a vibrant economic community. Indeed, if taken as a single economy, ASEAN would rank as the world’s sixth largest (with a combined GDP of USD2.5trillion).

But what can we expect of ASEAN going forwards?

The 2025 ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) blueprint and the corresponding 2025 ASEAN Capital Markets Vision have already set ambitious goals for ASEAN’s future. They strive for a more integrated, innovative and inclusive region.

But can ASEAN achieve these goals? If so how?

Deutsche Bank’s “Reimagining ASEAN to 2025” series, seeks to answer these complex questions. Bringing together leading thinkers, policymakers, corporates and innovators – based within ASEAN and outside – the series explores ASEAN’s development in the areas of trade, payments, capital markets and digitalisation. What is ASEAN’s progress to date? What potential barriers still remain? And most importantly, how can ASEAN accelerate progress and unlock its true potential.

To access content from the first issue of the series, please click here:


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