Natixis’ innovative Dutch mortgage investment platform featured in a special Financial Times report

Natixis and CMIS Group have announced the launch of ‘The Merius Mortgage Note’, a unique investment platform that enables European-wide institutional investors access to the prime Dutch Mortgage market. The platform is yet another example of Natixis’ innovative financial offering to clients, allowing current European clients access to an opportunity that was formally just offered to Dutch investors and pension funds.

Following an interview between Emmanuel Issanchouand, Natixis’ Deputy Global Head of Securitization, and the FT on the ways in which a range of financial institutions are challenging banks’ dominance of the lending market, Natixis’ platform is featured as another example of how non-banks can offer better returns or indeed finance to investments that banks have shied from.

What’s more, the report shines a light on the growing role that private equity funds, institutional investors and P2P lending platforms are introducing new ways for businesses and household consumers – such as mortgages – to borrow. To read the full article, please click here.

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