Companies’ digital payment expectations are rising fast: Commerzbank’s Ingrid Weisskopf cited in bobsguide

Digitalisation of the payments landscape is increasing at such a pace that some argue a “cashless society” is on the horizon. Ingrid Weisskopf, Head of Cash Products and Advisory FI at Commerzbank, explains to bobsguide – a leading financial technology magazine – that it is companies who are demanding, and therefore stimulating, greater digitalisation efforts from banks.

In the article, “How close are we to a cashless society?”, Weisskopf explains: “Companies need to be able to depend on rapid payments. In the past, a company may have accepted waiting one or two days for a payment to clear. But now, working in this environment of rapid communication and digitalisation, speed is of the essence. They seek greater flexibility, efficiency, and ease of access in their banking experience.”

Read the article here.

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