Satago describes how on-demand business finance is supporting SMEs in Global Banking & Finance Review

The increasing convenience of modern living is driving expectations for 24-hour, instant access across many aspects of their personal and business lives. Yet, the financial services industry has had difficulties keeping up with demand from companies, including SMEs, which are looking for more efficient solutions.

Writing for Global Banking & Finance Review, Satago’s CEO, Steven Renwick, talks about the more tech-savvy alternative financiers entering the SME market. The article discusses how these financiers, by utilising the tools provided by fintech, are paving the way for the future with on-demand business finance solutions.

Renwick writes about the convenience and efficiency of fintech developments for SMEs: “ cloud-based platforms, data capture and analysis, and process automation capabilities are making business finance at the click of a button not just feasible, but profitable, and a win-win for all concerned.”

To read the full article, please click here.

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