In FX-MM, Satago explains how new technology capabilities are putting SMEs in control of their financing

The advent of the digital age is increasing the expectations of consumers and businesses alike for instant, round-the-clock payment solutions. While the financial market has been somewhat slow on the uptake, fintech developments – primarily driven by nimble alternative financiers – are becoming increasingly prevalent.

In an article for FX-MM, Satago’s CEO Steven Renwick explains how selective invoice financing brings flexible, on demand funding – allowing SMEs to have greater control over their borrowing. Selectivity is key to SMEs looking for autonomy over their finances, and Renwick writes that selective invoice financing provides just that: “SMEs no longer have to finance a whole ledger, and can instead work on an invoice-by-invoice basis, using fintech technology that enables them 24-hour, easy access to their finances.”

Renwick also highlights the need for further digital innovation in SME finance to help address challenges SMEs still face.

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