Satago’s Steven Renwick talks “on-demand business finance” in Tech City News

The financial services industry, long overdue a radical transformation, has been slow to embrace disruptive innovation. But a new breed of fintechs has emerged that is transforming the SME funding landscape. In Tech City News, Steven Renwick, CEO of Satago, explains how, by leveraging cloud technology, real-time data and analytics tools, these new fintechs are able to provide businesses with fast, flexible and frictionless funding on a scale hitherto unimagined.


Notably, Renwick comments on the ease and 24-hour access that comes with these technological advancements: “Connect, click, cash: It really is that easy for businesses to access the working capital SMEs need instantly, 24/7. They simply choose the invoices they want to finance and they are paid on demand.”


To read the full article, please click here.

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