What do companies want from their banking experience? Commerzbank’s Ingrid Weisskopf and Rainer Wolff explain in Trade & Forfaiting Review

Increasing digitalisation and innovation continue to raise corporates’ expectations when it comes to providing banking services – and payments infrastructure is no exception. Ingrid Weisskopf, head of cash products and advisory FI at Commerzbank, and Rainer Wollf, vice president of product management cash services at the bank’s Innovation Lab, explain just how high the benchmarks are rising in the latest edition of Trade & Forfaiting Review.

In the article, “Customer Payment Credentials: The New Era“, Weisskopf anticipates a general trend towards more innovatory services benefiting companies: “Corporates nowadays require far greater clarity and comprehensive information from their banks regarding their payments and transactions.”

Wolff adds: “Companies everywhere are constantly searching for greater ease of access, flexibility and efficiency in their payments experience. Demand has grown for user-friendly interfaces, better internet navigation, and secure mobile infrastructure.” He suggests that new partnerships between banks and emerging financial technology players can go some way towards satisfying the market’s current appetite for change. “We believe that working with FinTechs – harnessing their innovatory potential, while at the same time leveraging banks’ reputations, global reach and technological infrastructure – is the way forward.”

The article can read with a subscription here.

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