S&P Global Ratings’ research into the risks associated with U.S. hydro assets in the age of Trump featured in the specialist press

Despite the U.S. president Donald Trump’s agnostic approach towards climate change, a recently-published S&P Global Ratings report has found the 2,200 U.S.-based hydropower facilities are experiencing a financing renaissance.

While questions have been raised due to the nation’s stagnating hydropower capacity and fears the resource will be side-lined under Trump’s administration, S&P believes a resurgence of hydro asset financing will continue due to the assets’ longevity and importance to the region’s decarbonisation strategy, which is unlikely to be revoked.

In addition, the FAQ report addresses the key questions associated with rating such finance, including how to determine both the asset life and resource risk of hydro facilities.

The report’s findings were covered by Infrastructure Investor, Hydroworld, The Voice of Renewables, and Penn Energy (subscription required).

Image credit: Creative Commons, user: cletch

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