Emma Clark, Falcon Group’s Head of Business Development, UK and Europe, makes the case for emerging markets in Trade Finance

Emma ClarkWith steady growth rates, an abundance of natural resources, and a potential customer base comprising most of the world’s population, emerging markets offer huge growth opportunities for those companies thinking of expanding operations overseas. But exporting is not without its obstacles. In fact, business growth and access to adequate and flexible funding in the current global economic climate are some of the key challenges faced by companies all over the world.

In a recent article for Trade Finance, Emma Clark, Head of Business Development, UK and Europe, Falcon Group, discusses how the solution for exporters lies in ECAs, banks and specialist financiers collaborating across the “new” financial landscape.

Moreover, a new financial landscape built on many, collaborating players means that companies wishing to expand into emerging markets now have access to a more diversified and sophisticated funding base than ever before. Companies can access a wide variety of solutions – preventing them from “putting all their eggs in one basket”.

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