Bobsguide and GTNews’ annual Treasury Management Systems Guide features interview with Deutsche Bank’s Lisa Rossi

Lisa RossiThe 2016/2017 Treasury Management Systems Guide, a joint production by Bobsguide and GTNews, has been published. This year’s guide features a full interview with Lisa Rossi, Global Head of Liquidity and Investment
Products for Global Transaction Banking, Deutsche Bank, discussing corporate strategies for managing liquidity in the new regulatory environment.

Rossi explains that “There has been a change in how banks look at liquidity products. With the regulatory changes that were introduced as a result of the financial crisis, regulators want to see banks increase the size of their stable funding. This requires banks to create different products to support stress-compliant
funding options for clients, and requires CFOs and Treasurers to look at deposits differently as they manage their own cash positions.”

Rossi goes on to discuss the potential problems around holding excess cash in a new, polarised, landscape, and how corporates can both optimise their liquidity positions and protect such excess cash with a ‘portfolio’ management approach. Rossi also explains why corporates must be sensitive to the banks’ regulatory painpoints.

I am sitting down with treasurers and explaining to them what the regulations are and how they have affected banks – and how that directly and indirectly affects products and the way we do business with our corporate treasurers. Having this dialogue is really important because I believe, as a corporate treasurer, you’re going to get frustrated if you expect the same thing you’ve had historically, but you’re not getting that anymore.

The full guide can be downloaded here.

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