Going Global, Going Digital: UniCredit adresses the burning issues of transaction banking in new guide

tmi-guide-coverIn time for this year’s Sibos conference in Geneva, UniCredit has launched its 2016 guide to transaction banking – entitled Going Global, Going Digital – in co-operation with Treasury Management International (TMI). The guide explores the key issues facing the transaction banking industry today, discussing how banks and their clients can negotiate the challenges and seize the opportunities.

As the title suggests, digitalization is a central theme, with new digital treasury solutions arising to facilitate drastic improvements to efficiency in areas such as cash management, while work must still be done to digitalize trade finance – a field that remains predominantly paper-based.

International expansion is also covered in detail, with many European corporates looking to expand their reach into new regions, while those in other continents stand to gain much from moving in the other direction. Facilitating these inter-regional flows – particularly through slick new digital tools such as virtual accounts and real-time cross-border payments – will be a critical task for banks in the coming years.

In addition to these over-arching themes, the guide goes into depth on a range of topics – from fintech and blockchain to trade finance, supply chain finance and securities services. On top of this, a number of case studies illustrate how the bank is already putting its ideas into practice, while region-specific articles discuss banks’ priorities in different parts of the world – including the UK, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

To view the full guide, please click here.

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