Deutsche Bank’s Lisa Rossi on liquidity management in GTNews

LiLisa Rossisa Rossi, Global Head of Liquidity and Investment Product Development and Head of Institutional Cash Management UK for GTB at Deutsche Bank, has been featured in GTNews where she discusses the challenging environment for CFOs and corporate treasurers responsible for managing their company’s liquidity.

Macro economic factors such as negative interest rates are a particular headache for cash-rich corporates, but much more concerning, and less immediately comprehensible to corporates, is change brought about by financial regulation, Rossi argues. Until fairly recently, this was an area that companies could safely ignore, but now it is both directly and indirectly affecting many of the choices they make when managing their liquidity.

Rossi goes on to say that regulation is now also impacting banks’ preferences with respect to corporate deposits, which is having a knock-on effect on corporate investment decisions. Despite this, many corporates have yet to fully comprehend the precise effect that banking regulation has on them, let alone understand how to negotiate it and ensure they are making the most of their altered opportunities.

Read the full article here.

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