Falcon Group & Aon collaborate to boost British exports, as covered by the specialist press

h32b7620Falcon Group and Aon have signed a memorandum of understanding in order to assist UK businesses seeking export finance solutions. The move marks yet another step in the financier’s continued commitment to support British businesses and builds on Aon’s industry leading position in trade credit insurance.

“In today’s current economic climate, it is vital that we do all that we can to boost British exports.” says Will Nagle, CEO of Falcon Group. “With continued constraints on global lending, exporters are finding it increasingly difficult to access funding. Our affiliation with Aon could facilitate access to finance for UK businesses.”

Aon Credit International’s Chief Broking Officer, Elizabeth Jenkin added: “Following the Brexit vote and the resulting fall in sterling, UK exports are and will continue to be in strong demand. Aon were early to recognize this and as part of our drive to support the resulting export surge, this collaboration with Falcon could provide our clients with another avenue to pursue when considering the options for the finance of exports.”

Following Moorgate’s outreach, the news was published across the trade finance and insurance press, including: GB&FR, GT News, TXF, Trade Finance and Insurance Business Review.

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