Santander discusses turning Chile’s infrastructure challenges into opportunities for Infrastructure Intelligence

proyecto-autopista-americo-vespucioChile is one of Latin America’s most promising investment destinations, particularly when it comes to infrastructure discusses Mauricio Munguia, Santander’s Latin American Desk Head, as featured in the latest Infrastructure Intelligence magazine.

A key area of focus for Chile are public-private partnerships (PPP), a funding model involving the use of private finance to facilitate the provision and delivery of public services or infrastructure assets. For instance, the Costanera Norte project, comprised of a dual three lane highway, two tunnels, six new bridges and 30.4km of urban highway, requires an investment of US$1.98 billion.

Moreover, as PPP projects were initially developed in the UK, this provides the perfect opportunity for companies such as those with expertise in construction, design, procurement, operations and maintenance.

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