Santander explores Chile’s retail sector as featured in Retail Week

30-09-2013-FalabellaWith steady economic growth, rising incomes and an expanding middle class, Chile presents a range of vibrant and exciting retail investment opportunities. In a recent article for Retail Week, Santander’s Latin America Desk Head, Mauricio Munguia, explores the opportunities the country presents to UK retailers.

With many Chileans working their way up the social and income ladder, spending on personal goods has increased along with demand for credit and finance. Youth demographics also favour the retail sector, with approximately 40% of the country’s population aged between 15 and 39. The result: an increasing young, and affluent, middle class with an appetite for international brands.

Certainly, with a willingness to embrace international trade and favourable conditions for British companies, UK exporters must not overlook the opportunities presented by the country.

To read the full article, please click here. (Please note this link is behind a paywall)

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