Santander discusses Mexico’s mega-market in TXF

11hay6hThe Department for International Trade (DIT) Roadshow – sponsored by Santander –  brought together trade advisors as well as Santander’s Latin American specialist, Mauricio Munguia, as part of a wider strategy to deepen UK participation in Latin America.

Munguia, together with Stephen Cartwright, the Head of Department for International Trade (DIT) Mexico and Angus Murray, International Trade Manager and Latin America specialist at DIT explore the opportunities for UK companies across Mexico  – as featured in TXF.

With World Bank economists predicting that Mexico’s economy will be the world’s fifth largest by 2050, the country’s export market is packed with potential for UK exporters. As part of the Pacific Alliance, Mexico is one of the most open markets in Latin America and one of the easier markets to enter for those exporters wishing to gain a foothold in the region.

In particular, UK companies should take advantage of the opportunities available across a wide range of sectors including food and drink retail, oil and gas and infrastructure.

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