Falcon Group’s CEO and UAE Regional Head explore emerging market funding options in Cash and Trade

image-200x300 image-1-200x300In a recent article in Cash and Trade, Falcon Group CEO Will Nagle and UAE Regional Head Nam Sahasra discuss the opportunities and challenges that come with exporting and expanding to the emerging markets.

The emerging markets offer a myriad of trade opportunities. The MENA region, for instance, benefits from its geographic position and wealth of natural resources. Asia offers its expanding middle-class population, which has reached 525 million – a potential consumer base greater than the entire EU population.

Yet accessing such opportunities requires funding – something that is in low supply following the withdrawal of global banks from many emerging market regions. Of course, global banks are not the only option available to companies. Nagle and Sahasra explain how specialist financiers can not only help companies access funding, but also how they make the financial landscape itself more secure, dynamic, and diverse.

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