CFE features in Business Reporter discussing London’s entrepreneurial success

Billboard business reporterMatt Smith, Director at the Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE) and StartUp Britain has featured in a recent article in Business Reporter, discussing how a German political party is attempting to attract British start-ups to Berlin following the UK’s vote to leave the EU – by hiring an ad-van with a billboard enticing companies to move to the German capital.

In the article, Matt commented: “Berlin is a great city. But London is the true European home of entrepreneurial Schopfungskraft.”

Matt also explained the reasons behind London’s entrepreneurial success: “Part of our capital’s attraction is its gateway status – indeed, London is a global city located in Europe. That hasn’t changed because it cannot change: it is an historic and geographic fact. London is where European entrepreneurs come to go global.”

He added: “Here are the ideas, the talent, the funding and the subsidiary services, a pull force without parallel in any other city around the world. No amount of wishful thinking – or even lobbying – can remove that.”

To read the full article, please click here.

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