UniCredit’s Markus Straußfeld discusses advances in digital payments in new guide from The Paypers

Markus StraußfeldThe field of payments is undergoing a period of rapid change, with digitalization and competition bringing new levels of speed and efficiency, says Markus Straußfeld, head of international cash management sales at UniCredit, in The Paypers’ new B2B Fintech: Payments, Supply Chain Finance & E-invoicing Guide 2016.

In a wide-ranging interview, Straußfeld discusses a number of important topics for the payments industry in 2016, including the ways in which banks must adapt to digitalization, the strategies they can use to retain a competitive edge, and the relationship between banks and fintech innovators entering the market.

To read the full interview please download the B2B Fintech: Payments, Supply Chain Finance & E-invoicing Guide 2016 by clicking here and filling in the short form.

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