The Centre for Entrepreneurs’ report on prison entrepreneurship published in The Telegraph

Image of report coverThe Telegraph has published an article detailing the Centre for Entrepreneurs’ (CFE) recently released report, ‘From Inmates to Entrepreneurs’ – explaining the benefits of turning prisoners into entrepreneurs.

The article describes how prisons are an untapped source of entrepreneurial potential and the fact that the Government is wasting billions by failing to harness this talent. According to the report, the UK could save up to £1.4bn each year if it introduced more entrepreneurial programmes into the nation’s prisons. CFE suggests that giving offenders the skills to go into business for themselves could reduce the recidivism rate from 46% nationally to around 14% among participants – reducing the annual cost of ex-offenders who reoffend by 31%.

In addition, the article describes how the Prisons Minister, Andrew Selous, commented on prison reform, and the report: “Improved education and work opportunities… help reduce reoffending and in turn make the streets safer for us all.”

To read the full article, please click here.

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