Commerzbank’s Angela Koll defines Supply Chain Finance in Trade Finance Magazine

Angela KollInterviewed in leading publication, Trade Finance Magazine, Commerzbank’s Angela Koll, Product Manager, Trade Services, has been a key member in drafting standard definitions for Supply Chain Finance (SCF). The magazine covered the launch of the set of definitions – the first of its kind – at the 4th Annual Supply Chain Finance Summit in Singapore, on 9th March.

According to Koll, SCF has become increasingly popular as companies seek to improve the stability of their physical and financial supply chains, in order to improve liquidity, mitigate risk, and optimise working capital. As banks and other providers have improved their SCF solutions, the market has deepened. Yet the global growth of SCF has resulted in the creation of a range of unstandardised expressions across the board. Speaking to Trade Finance, Koll believes that “the new terminology will be crucial to the development of SCF, providing a common understanding and enabling corporates to better recognise the range of benefits”.

The article can be read (with a subscription) here.

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