ICC United Kingdom explains the importance of empowering UK corporates in GTNews

ICC logIn a recent article for GTNews, Chris Southworth – Director at International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) UK – discusses why it is important for UK companies to have a global voice in an uncertain global economic environment.

In the face of a number of uncertainties, including pressures on the global banking industry, market volatility, and the approaching Brexit vote, UK business leaders need a voice at the global decision-making tables. Southworth explains how many UK corporates have become inward-looking, focusing on tidying their balance sheets and delaying investments instead of taking on new opportunities. He argues that since the UK is a global market shaper, British companies should learn to wield their influence in global policy-making. Indeed, ICC acts as the voice of international business at an inter-governmental level, with the aim of promoting peace through trade – and it can take the voice of British business with it.

To read the full article, please click here.

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