As green bonds go from strength to strength, China holds the key, says S&P

ChinaAs investors around the world aim to decarbonise billions of pounds’ worth of their portfolios in a move away from a dependence on fossil fuels, government-led financial incentive schemes such as the promotion of ‘green bonds’ – a tax-exempt bond issued specifically to fund environmentally friendly projects – will be crucial.

In fact, new research from Standard & Poor’s – led by head of environmental research, Michael Wilkins – shows that the market for green bonds has developed considerably since its initiation in 2014, largely thanks to high profile issuances from companies such as Apple and Toyota. But key to accelerating the current momentum, Wilkins explains, is encouraging Chinese demand for green bonds. Ultimately, this could result in a massive boost for such investment globally.

Moorgate’s outreach secured coverage across the financial and environmental press, including Environmental Finance, FTSE Global Markets, Institutional Asset Manager, Asia Asset Manager, Blue & Green Tomorrow, Energy Live News, Bloomberg Sustainable Finance and Low Carbon Energy Investor (which requires a subscription).

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