S&P reaction to new Task Force report on climate-related financial disclosures captured in the specialist press

Bloomberg2As a member of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) – a group of finance leaders chaired by Mike Bloomberg – Michael Wilkins, Managing Director and Head of Global Environmental & Climate Research at Standard & Poor’s, believes there should be greater transparency surrounding businesses’ climate-related financial disclosures. In article for Low Carbon Energy Investor – sister publication to Infrastructure InvestorWilkins explains that the lack of a widely accepted framework for what businesses should release about climate-related risk can seriously hinder an investor’s ability to make an informed decision, and this is why a new TCFD report offers specific recommendations and guidelines for disclosure procedure.

The full article, which can be viewed here (note the paywall), also links to a video interview filmed at Infrastructure Investor’s Berlin Summit 2016, in which Wilkins speaks about decarbonising the global economy – please see here.

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