Structured Retail Products interviews Natixis’ Eric Le Brusq on new partnership with Swiss Life

Asset manager SwissLife AM has called on Natixis’ equity derivatives financial engineering expertise to launch the SLF fund (LUX) Equity Global NXS Protect. The fund’s objective is to achieve long-term growth by investing in a global mix of smart beta and cap-weighted strategies on the main international equity markets, while hedging the portfolio by purchasing longer-dated put options.

eric-le-brusqIn an interview with Structured Retail Products editor, Eric Le Brusq, Natixis’ Global Head of Equity Derivatives Sales, explains that “the Natixis Equity Overlay Strategy is a project we have been developing for the last two years to address the needs of investors in today’s equity markets. We believe that this is the right time to deploy the system to actively leverage our capacity to chase yield in the equity markets, while continuing to be compliant with the Solvency 2 requirements,” says Le Brusq.

Indeed, this product will address both the needs of institutional investors who face increasingly strict regulatory requirements and gain traction with investors that Natixis is targeting in order to leverage their expertise in equity derivatives and structured products.

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