The Centre for Entrepreneurs discusses how 2015 was a record year for start-up formation

CFE logo editAccording to the Centre for Entrepreneurs – the entrepreneurs’ think tank – 2015 was a record year for start-up formation in the UK, with a total of 608,100 new businesses started. The Centre has analysed the latest Companies House data, revealing that the UK has managed to sustain the growth trend in company formation despite the strong economic recovery in the aftermath of the recession – suggesting a deep cultural shift towards entrepreneurialism is underway.

The Centre’s analysis highlights significant trends emerging in the UK – including London’s continued dominance as a hub of entrepreneurial activity, the growing strength of other major conurbations, and the growth of start-ups in suburban and exurban areas.

The news was covered by a range of specialist business and regional press, including The Sunday Times, City AM, Huffington Post, Tech City News, ITPROThe Yorkshire Post, Liverpool Echo and The Star. (Please note, some of these links may fall behind paywalls).

For more information, including an interactive map, please click here.

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