Reuters speak to Natixis’ Simon Eedle on Natixis charging into the Gulf

While local lenders retreat as they grapple with job cuts and a liquidity squeeze caused by the plunging oil price, foreign banks such as Natixis are regaining the lost ground in the Gulf’s financial sector.

download (7)In a recent Reuters interview, Simon Eedle, Group Regional Head of the Middle East at Natixis, discusses why the shifts in the market – such as liquidity and pricing – over the past six months have “leveled the playing field more equally between the local and international banks”. This is particularly the case in the loan market, where French banks are re-emerging and are set to benefit as liquidity dries up – “whereas some people are now nervous because we’ve seen the price of credit rise very quickly, this is exactly what I want as I can continue lending” said Natixis’ Eedle.

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