ICC discusses how digital learning platforms are creating a new era of global education

johndanilovichIn an article with Global Education Magazine, ICC’s John Danilovich discusses how digital learning platforms are breaking down barriers to education by no longer requiring individuals to be in a set place and time to study. The ICC Academy is purposefully delivered online – enabling professionals to study around their busy schedules while also accessing the highest-quality education. What’s more, ICC
Academy courses are developed and moderated by industry-leading professionals and practitioners – ensuring that the education is rigorous, relevant and applicable.

Finally,  the use of digital platforms allows the ICC Academy to extend beyond the classroom – delivering networking and career development opportunities that were previously not associated with online education. In fact, ICC and International Enterprise (IE) Singapore launched in partnership the International Trade Associate Programme (ITAP) that gives students at four leading Singaporean polytechnics the opportunity to gain industry-accredited certification as well as internships and apprenticeships.

To read the full article, please click here. Please note that the article is located on page 108.

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