ICC discusses the importance of professional education with Myanmar Business Today

John Danilovich, Secretary Genjohndanilovicheral of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) discusses the role of professional education in eradicating barriers to economic growth in emerging and developing markets in an article in Myanmar Business Today.

Globalisation is swiftly evolving the global business world by opening the doors to trade between more diverse sets of countries. While this growth is good, there are challenges that must be addressed in terms of skills shortages and divergent business practices. The ICC Academy is addressing these challenges by using education to converge business standards and practices – streamlining the way business is conducted around the world. And it is  doing so by providing sophisticated courses that are created and moderated by industry-leading professionals and practitioners. What is more, the Academy utilises digital platforms to provide global access to education – with the only requirement for access being an internet connection.

To read the full article, please click here.

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