Natixis’ Abhishek Deshpande says Saudi unlikely to change course in latest oil research

03cdc0e1a48d0085cf209f9e1439eb50_400x400In Natixis’ latest Global Oil Market update, Abhishek Deshpande looks ahead of the OPEC meeting this Friday. Despite various set backs such as Iran looking likely to return to the market next year and production levels declining from 10.6mn b/d in June to 10.3mnb/d in October (according to OPEC), Deshpande maintains that Saudi will stick to their strategy.

The report argues that the decline in production is likely to be seasonal and if Saudi Arabia wants its strategy to work, it would make little sense for them to take a U-turn just when they are seeing the impact of low oil on investments in non-OPEC and even weaker OPEC members.

The findings were covered by City AM, Reuters, The Guardian, TFR and Yahoo FinanceTo read the whole report please click here

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