S&P discusses the future of climate change ahead of COP21

climatechangeAs the world looks to the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris – COP21 – the future of a low-carbon global economy is high on the agenda. Governments will seek strategies to limit the rise of global temperatures – with a maximum of 2 degrees Celsius being the target. But making the jump to a greener, more resilient world economy will have considerable repercussions on the energy industry and power generation market. As such, Standard & Poor’s has released a report detailing the financial implications of such a transition.

The report, Climate Change: Building A Framework For The Future, stresses that private capital and financing will be a key component to an agreement in Paris. According to the report’s primary analyst, Michael Wilkins, financing the transition to a decarbonised economy will rely on private investment aimed at low-carbon technologies that promote renewable power and energy efficiency. Meanwhile, strong incentives such as carbon-pricing will be necessary for the transition.

Thanks to targeted media coverage from Moorgate, the report was highlighted by a range of specialist energy and environmental press, including Low Carbon Energy Investor (here and here – behind paywalls), WaterGas, Business Green, and FTSE Global Markets.

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