iGTB attends Global Business Leaders Conference, which stresses the power of business for good

This monINSEAD.jpgth, Moorgate attended INSEAD’s Global Business Leaders Conference: ‘Europe: What Works!’, held in Vienna. The conference was attended by business leaders and strategic thinkers – including iGTB’s Phil Cantor, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of PreSales and Jacob Derbyshire of Giant iTab, the prize draw winner of iGTB’s soon to be published ‘SME Banking Needs’ Survey.

The conference covered Europe’s current state as a marketplace – and the promotion of economic growth, competitiveness, good business and best practice throughout the region. Two key themes emerged – firstly, the view that there is much cause for optimism in Europe, since it has the strength and resources for continued success. Secondly, there was an emphasis on the power of business, as corporate strengths are not only measured by economic means but increasingly by ethical and sustainable business practices.

To read more about the speakers’ conclusions, please click here.

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