Trade Finance 4.0 has arrived, says UniCredit’s Sebastian Hölker in GTR

The potential of ‘InSebastian Hölkerdustry 4.0′ to generate huge improvements in efficiency for manufacturers has been discussed a great deal in recent years. Less, however, has been said about the potential of this technology in other areas. Yet trade finance is one field where advanced technology offers major rewards, says Sebastian Hölker, head of structuring and implementation of SCF products at UniCredit, writing in GTR.

Indeed, as treasurers and banks come to terms with the scale and intricacy of supply chains, technology is putting them in a position to master this complexity – enabling firms throughout the supply chain to co-ordinate and share relevant information. Meanwhile, other techniques and tools are coming forth to help firms take advantage of these expanding data sets – rationalising information from disparate sources and using them to improve risk assessments.

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