Financing for intelligent infrastructure: Siemens Financial Services (SFS) content hub goes live!

downloadThe need for global infrastructure investment is clear: urbanization, population growth and climate change all drive a need for smarter, sustainable and reliable infrastructure. From advancing city mobility to improving energy efficiency – this all needs smart financing solutions. As things stand, around $2.7 trillion is invested to this end every year, but by 2030 an extra $55 trillion dollars will be needed. This is a burden too big for the public sector to bear alone. Yet, at the same time, institutional investors remain wary of project complexities and the high risks involved.

Aware of the global challenges the market faces, Siemens Financial Services (SFS) has collated its expertise, research and innovation in the world of infrastructure financing in a new digital content hub. This explains how improving risk management, increasing energy efficiency and smart financing solutions can provide the answer. This ‘melting pot’ of project finance expertise also houses related up-to-date social media and event news, as well as new research and reports, which will be continuously updated to ensure its relevance.

To view the content hub, please click here.

Also included is a short explainer video, which can be viewed below, highlighting why the time to invest in infrastructure is now and how SFS is driving successful infrastructure projects around the world.

In particular, the video highlights the recent upgrade to Thameslink – the historically overcrowded rail line into London – where Siemens combined its engineering and financing solutions to help the project get off the ground. In addition, the video shows how SFS’s special Energy Performance Contracts can help modernise city buildings, like hospitals, and save on energy costs, all the while addressing the issue of affordability that plagues smaller projects like this.

Moorgate was involved in the project from the start, contributing strategic advice and managing content production.

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