ICC discusses the need for high-quality, accessible business education for trade finance professionals in TFR

ICC Academy LogoIn an article for Trade and Forfaiting Review, Thierry Senechal, Senior Director at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) discusses the role of professional education initiatives in keeping individuals apace with the ever-changing trade finance landscape.

The global trade landscape is becoming more complex than ever. Not only is the trade becoming more sophisticated, it is also growing larger as business grows domestically and expands into new markets. What’s more, the trade finance industry is embracing the technological revolution by moving away from paper-based services and on to new mediums including online banking and mobile technology.

As this evolution progresses, employees must be skilled, aware of different practices between counterparties, and abreast of changes across the industry. In order to gain these skills, trade finance professionals are turning to online education initiatives, such as the ICC Academy, to provide the highest quality business education that is available across the globe.

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